A GIRVAN hotel is looking to take advantage of Brits holidaying at home by building eight holiday cabins.

The application has been submitted to erect the cabins on existing agricultural land at the Woodland Bay Hotel, south of Girvan.

In a statement submitted with the application, the developers state: “The existing hotel located at Woodland Bay has thrived over its 12 years in business and the owner is seeking to expand on the existing accommodation provision by providing more self-catering accommodation.

“As more people stay in the UK for their holidays, providing a more diverse selection of accommodation allows the business to attract a range of customers.

“At present, there is a hotel, stables with an outdoor arena and a holiday cottage located at Woodland Bay. There is fully fitted restaurant and bar and the access to the site is direct from the A77.”

The new holiday cabins would be located to the rear of the existing buildings, along the line of the forest.

The application states: “This will allow Woodland Bay to expand their existing accommodation and provide a private alternative for people who want more self contained, self-catering accommodation.

“Considering the current COVID pandemic it is important that this option can be offered to customers who may wish to remain separate from other customers.

“The site already has the infrastructure and facilities for cleaning and maintaining the cabins and the existing restaurant provides an excellent facility for visitors.”

The “cabins” themselves would be built in Scotland and be timber clad, pitched roof cabins.

The design statement continues: “The cabins proposed are of a size and construction where they are classed as double static caravans and have been designed with the intention of being more visually attractive and less disruptive to the landscape and would follow the contour of the land, minimising the disruption to the landscape and the levels. Additional planting and screening would provide a softened landscape to new access roads.”

The developer said: “The backdrop of the forest will allow the cabins to disappear into the landscape.”

A decision on the application is pending.