A TEENAGER allegedly sent indecent pictures to young girls as young as 12 wearing only his underwear and a video of himself performing a sex act – as well as encouraging the victims to send images.

Andrew Hay, 19, faces two charges of sending indecent sexual communications to a girl aged 13 and 14, as well as a second complainer then aged only 12.

Court papers allege that Mr Hay, of Sannox View, Ayr, preyed of one complainer between February 3 2020 and 2021.

He is accused of sending her messages of an indecent and sexual nature, and repeatedly causing her to look at images of him in his underwear.

The Crown’s indictment’s claims he repeatedly induced her to send indecent images of herself for his sexual gratification, humiliating, distressing or alarming her.

Court papers claim he committed the alleged offence while on bail granted at Ayr Sheriff Court on January 18 last year.

Mr Hay faces a second allegation of sending indecent sexual messages to the 12-year-old complainer on various occasions between June 1 and August 8 2020, alleged making her look at sexual images and caused her to take part in activity.

Her Majesty’s Advocate’s indictment against Mr Hay states he sent her indecent sexual messages – again sending more pics in his underpants.

It’s alleged he also sent images of his genitals to the younger girl as well as a video of him performing a sex act.

Mr Hay, pleads not guilty to the two charges against him and bail was continued.

Trial was scheduled for later this year.