Court proceedings were briefly disrupted by the invasion of a large bumblebee – which after attacking a prosecuting solicitor then flew straight into the head of an accused man in the public gallery.

The Procurator Fiscal depute had to leap from her chair waving her arms in response to the unexpected ordeal, when the offending monster-size bee flew into her during a custody hearing on Thursday, June 16 – most likely from the open window to the rear of court 1.

After the Procurator Fiscal depute’s unexpected contact with the honey suckling stinging insect, Sheriff Shirley Foran told the court: “That is a large one”, as the bumblebee buzzed in front of the bench.

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As the case carried on, the big bee then buzzed into the head of an accused gentleman while sat in the public gallery awaiting his community payback order review.

Fortunately no one was stung by the offending bug.

After Sheriff Foran adjourned the courts proceedings until later that afternoon, one person asked loudly: “Did you see the size of that bumblebee?”

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