A KIND hearted Troon teenager has donated the prize of a lifetime back to a children’s hospital charity which helped him so much during his time in hospital.

Andrew Mclaughlin donated four tickets for Harry Styles tickets to the John O’Byrne Foundation - a charity which is very close to him.

Back in 2016, he was in The Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow after contracting sepsis, a life-threatening reaction to an infection, which led to heart complications and later surgery.

Andrew explained: “During that time I got to know John and his charity work with the hospital. I was lucky enough to receive amazing gifts from him such as VIP football tickets, football strips from players and many more.

“I kept in touch with John over the past six years and became good friends.”

So he decided to give back, with four tickets to the former One Direction member’s show, which the charity’s founder John O’Byrne described as being “like gold dust”.

John said: “You meet some awesome people at times and Andrew is right up there!”

Two of the tickets have already been given back to a girl on the cardiac ward, which Andrew was previously on, so her and her mum could go along.

They were also gifted a voucher so they could get a meal before heading along to the concert.

Explaining the donations, Andrew said: “It was my dad and I’s idea to buy and donate Harry’s Styles tickets as we knew they were sought after and would really cheers up kids that were unwell and in hospital.

“We have done fundraising for John in the past and will continue to do so, we do this because of the history me and him have and for the amazing things that he does for the kids in hospital.”

Andrew added how glad he is now that he is able to give back to the charity which helped him so much.

He continued: “Due to Covid we weren’t allowed to gift the tickets to the kids who received them, however we did hear that they were over the moon and couldn’t wait for the concert. It always makes you feel good giving back.

“I feel privileged to be able to give back and being able to do things like this.

“I’m glad me and John have built up a good relationship and being able to see the amazing things he does for the kids and for his charity.”

The good will doesn’t stop there either, with Andrew’s mum due to run the London Marathon in October, and they have already started planning how they will fundraise again.