AN AYR woman accused of shouting, swearing and homophobic abuse towards nurses was scolded by a judge for her behaviour when she was unable to stop giggling or decide whether she was guilty – after being kicked out court for talking.

Denise McInally, 39, had to be told to leave the court when she appeared to face the threatening or abusive behaviour charge last week – after repeat warnings from both police and a fellow accused to ‘shut up’ in the public gallery for repeatedly laughing and swearing.

Ms McInally faces a charge of allegedly behaving in a threatening abusive manner on various occasions at Ayr Hospital on January 15 – aggravated by involving sexual orientation.

When Ms McInally eventually found her way into the dock at Ayr Sheriff Court last week [Wednesday, June 1], the accused’s defence solicitor told the court she pleaded guilty to the charge libelled.

However, when Sheriff Colin Pettigrew asked her if she plead guilty to having “shouted and swore at four resident nurses and uttered homophobic comments”, she then changed her mind and said ‘no’.

He asked: “Do you accept that? Either you accept it or you don’t.

Ms McInally replied: “No.”

Sheriff Pettigrew said he would record a plea of not guilty as the accused’s defence told the court he may have to consider his options regard representing her.

The Procurator Fiscal depute told the court they would proceed to trial with four civilian witnesses.

When Ms McInally then again tried to change her plea to guilty after reneging on the plea deal with prosecutors during the hearing, Sheriff Pettigrew told her: “No, I gave you a chance”.

When the accused responded: “That’s cool”, he replied: “There is nothing cool in this court.”

After the accused continued speaking, she was then told: “If you want to leave I suggest you shut up.”

Ms McInally, of Cunningham Crescent, Ayr, left the court room without being sent into custody and will return for her scheduled trial date later in the year.