The future of electric vehicles (EV) is not only fast approaching but is very much a part of the here and now.

And with that comes updated technology like extreme-fast-charging batteries allowing drivers to purchase electric cars that charge to 99 miles of pure electric range in just five minutes.

Within the next two years, the technology will allow Ayr drivers to purchase electric cars from Park’s Volvo on Heathfield Road that are capable of such rapid charging times. This quicker charging will make what can be a present-day chore a more convenient, enjoyable and sustainable experience.

John Hill, Head of Business at Park’s Volvo, said: “This investment is an exciting step forward on our journey to ramp up the electrification of motoring.

“With demand for electric cars at an all-time high, developing our cars’ technology by investing in the latest research available remains at the forefront of our commitment to electrification and carbon-free motoring.

“StoreDot’s technology will allow our future models to build on the convenience of an EV by offering even faster charging – giving Ayr drivers more time to enjoy the driving experience.

“We know that many drivers are yet to experience an electric car and understand the benefits, so we invite Ayr drivers to visit our showroom, discover more about the cars’ design and receive expert advice from our team for when the time comes to make the switch.”

Volvo has one of the most ambitious electrification plans and was the first manufacturer to offer a plug-in hybrid version of every car it sells. By 2025 it aims for 50 per cent of its global sales to consist of fully electric cars, with the rest hybrids. By 2030, Volvo plans for every car it sells to be fully electric.