Stargazers in Ayrshire are about to enjoy one of the most highly anticipated events in the celestial calendar - the Blood Moon.

As the moon lines up exactly with the Earth and the sun in a total eclipse, it will turn a breathtaking red colour. 

During the eclipse, the sunlight hitting the moon is first filtered through the Earth's atmosphere with blue light getting scattered while red light passes through.

But the big question is, will the skies be clear enough in Ayrshire to see the Blood Moon total lunar eclipse?

Celestial Events in 2022 to look forward to

When is the Blood Moon 2022?

We will be able to see the lunar eclipse from the UK on Monday, May 16, according to Science Focus.

It is expected to be visible from 2.32 am, with totality starting at 4.29 am and lasting for almost 85 minutes.

The BBC magazine recommends that we settle down to watch the eclipse after 3.30 am.

Weather permitting, this is the start of the visual phase when we should be able to see the moon turning red.

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How to see the Blood Moon in Ayrshire

As always, the best chance of seeing a full moon is on a clear night away from any light pollution.

Our chances of seeing the Blood Moon could be better - the early hours of Monday morning are set to be cloudy with up to a 50% chance of rain around 3 am.

Don't despair though, the Met Office says that we will have between 'Very Good' to 'Good' visibility so we might just catch a glimpse through a break in the clouds.

For the full and hour by hour forecasts, visit the Met Office website.