Eight out of 10 households in Scotland have now completed their census returns ahead of the final deadline at the end of the month.

It comes after the original May 1 deadline was pushed back after a record number of households failed to fill out online or paper forms.

Every household has a legal responsibility to submit their census and failure to do so could lead to prosecution and a £1,000 fine.

Cabinet Secretary Angus Robertson thanked the 2.1 million households that have submitted their responses, which will be used to plan future public services.

Mr Robertson also urged those who have not submitted their response to do so now.
He explained: “It is vital that we secure as high a response rate as possible so that the census can be effective in delivering its many benefits for future public services.”

The Scottish census 2022 only takes a few minutes to complete. Questions covered include the type of accommodation you live in, household relationships, people’s age, jobs and health. 

If you need help or support completing it, visit census.gov.scot or call the free helpline on: 0800 030 8308 for more information.