Justice has been served on the people reportedly responsible for vandalising the flower beds at Prestwick Cross.

People in the area were distraught to see that the bright yellow tulips, which had flowered there this spring, had been destroyed.

Susan Reid shared the above photo with the Advertiser, which she took on the morning of Monday, April 25.

South Ayrshire Council told the Advertiser that they were looking into the matter.

A spokesperson said: "We are aware of an incident which took place outside of school hours. We are liaising with the police."

And seems those dicussions were fruitful, as those believed to be responsible have been caught and are being made to repair the damage.

According to independent councillor Hugh Hunter, a local business owner was able to help identify the culprits and, after liasing with the police and Prestwick Academy, made sure that they would not get away with it.

Councillor Hunter took to social media to comment: "Delighted to report that thanks to a local business owner, the police and Prestwick Academy the youths responsible for trashing the flower beds at Prestwick Cross have been identified and, under supervision, will be replanting the flower beds that they destroyed.

"A nice example of restorative justice, I think."