Health and safety bosses have refused to give an indication of when the report into the explosion in Kincaidston might be published – or if it ever will.

Last week, the Advertiser told how Councillor Chris Cullen had written a letter to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) demanding that they publish their findings so as to give closure to those affected by the blast.

HSE have not yet responded to Councillor Cullen’s letter, but a spokesperson told the Advertiser that the investigation is still going on, almost six months after the blast. And they hinted that their findings might never be made public.

A spokesperson for HSE said: “The investigation into the Gorse Park explosion, Kincaidston, Ayr on October 18, 2021 is still on-going. A number of lines of enquiry are being pursued which is not uncommon for an incident of this magnitude and complexity.

"A decision on whether to submit a report to the Procurator Fiscal will be made on conclusion of the investigation.

“We will shortly respond to Councillor Cullen and recognise the need to keep dialogue open with key stakeholders.”