A new set of stamps is being issued by Royal Mail in tribute to women’s vital contributions during the Second World War.

The main set of 10 stamps illustrates the huge range of work women undertook during the war years.

Included is a rare photograph showing female codebreakers working at Bletchley, where they operated the complex cryptographic machinery.

A further four stamps, presented in a miniature sheet, showcase the brave work of the ferry pilots of the Air Transport Auxiliary – known as the Spitfire Women.

Ayr Advertiser: The full collection of stamps (Royal Mail/PA)The full collection of stamps (Royal Mail/PA)

David Gold of Royal Mail said: “These stamps are a tribute to the millions of women who contributed to the war effort and the Allied victory.

“Their bravery and sacrifice is often overlooked, but their work helped to drive some of the post-war social changes that eventually saw equal opportunities and equal pay legislation.

“We must also remember the women who supported the war effort at home, managing households despite the unceasing demands of total war.”

How to buy the Royal Mail Women in World War II stamps?

You can currently pre-order the stamps over on the Royal Mail website, including a Presentation Pack for £16, the full stamp set for £9.50 and a miniature sheet for £5.60.

All these items and much more will be available from May 5.