THIS year's candidates for the upcoming council elections have been announced. 

South Ayrshire Council released a full list today, March 30, of the representatives vying for residents' votes after nominations closed at 4pm. 

Below is the full list of people standing in each ward and the party they will represent on election day on May 5.

Troon (4 councillors to be elected)

Kenneth Bell (Conservative)

Judith Godden (Liberal Democrat)

Rose Hall (Conservative)

Linda Lunan (Independent)

Craig Mackay (SNP)

Annie McIndoe (SNP)

Bob Pollock (Conservative)

Philip Saxton (Labour)

Prestwick (4 councillors)

John Caddis (Alba Party)

Ian Cochrane (SNP)

Hugh Hunter (Independent)

Martin Kilbride (Conservative)

Owen North (Conservative)

Cameron Ramsay (Labour)

Norrie Smith (SNP)

Derek Stillie (Conservative)

Ayr North (4 councillors)

Laura Brennan-Whitefield (SNP)

Ian Cavana (Labour)

Ian Davis (Conservative)

Mark Dixon (SNP)

Mason Graham (Liberal Democrat)

David Paterson (Conservative)

Andrew Russell (Independent)

Denise Sommerville (Alba)

Ayr East (3 councillors)

Chic Brodie (Independent)

Andrew Bryden (Independent)

Chris Cullen (SNP)

Ian Douglas (SNP)

Deirdre Kennedy (Liberal Democrat)

Mary Kilpatrick (Conservative)

Alan Lamont (Conservative)

Brian McGinley (Labour)

David Ramsay (Independent)

Ayr West (4 councillors)

Gordon Bryce (Scottish Family Party)

Martin Dowey (Conservative)

John Duncan (Labour)

Lee Lyons (Conservative)

Derek McCabe (Conservative)

Jamie Ross (Liberal Democrat)

Bob Shields (Independent)

George Weir (SNP)

Margaret Weir (SNP)

Kyle (3 councillors)

John Aitken (Liberal Democrat)

Geoff Bush (Alba)

Julie Dettbarn (SNP)

Stephen Ferry (Conservative)

Arthur Spurling (Conservative)

Duncan Townson (Labour)

Maybole, North Carrick & Coylton (3 councillors)

Iain Campbell (Conservative)

Brian Connolly (Independent)

William Grant (SNP)

Laura McEwan (Conservative)

Stephen Ralph (Liberal Democrat)

Nicola Saxton (Labour)

Girvan & South Carrick (3 councillors)

Alec Clark (Independent)

Aaron Gilpin (Labour)

Peter Henderson (SNP)

Linda Kane (Conservative)

Todor Radic (Independent)

Gavin Scott (Conservative)

Eileen Spence (Alba)

When local residents head to the polling stations in May they will vote using the Single Transferable Vote (STV) electoral system.

How does this work? The voter will number the candidates in order of their preference.

Number one would therefore go next to the name of the representative who is their first choice, two next to their second choice, and so on.

There is no limit to the number of preferences a voter can have, they can choose to only select a first choice or rank every candidate. 

If you would like to vote in the upcoming election and are not already registered, you can do so here before April 18.