Caribbean cuisine isn't an everyday feature of the Scottish menu - but an Ayrshire couple are trying to bring some of the heat of Jamaica to the winter cold of Ayr, Prestwick and Troon.

Derrick and Sharon Vaughan run the Reggaelicious food truck, which has been operating in East Ayrshire and has now secured a licence to come to South Ayrshire too.

Derrick, who grew up in London, was used to growing up with his mother's cooking at home and missed the taste when he moved to Scotland.

He told us: "My parents came from Jamaica in the 1960s as part of the Windrush generation, so I was brought up around this type of food my whole life from my mum or visiting family."

Derrick wasn't always a chef - he previously worked as a nurse before telling Sharon he believed he could make a success of a career in cooking.

He said: "I was working as a nurse, cooking my food at home and bringing it in for friends at work to try.

"Once I started making the food, the reviews I was getting from friends and neighbours was like a sign that I had to try and pursue this.

"I came home and told my wife, and she thought I was crazy."

While the feedback was great, the real inspiration for Reggaelicious came from Derrick's mum, and he credits her for his ability to pursue this dream that he feels was bestowed upon him.

He said: "My mum really inspired me. I really believe that this was her dream to follow but instead she was busy raising four boys at home and the dream was then mine to follow." 

The move into Ayr, Prestwick and Troon is a massive move for the couple, who live in Kilmaurs, as they look to expand. 

Sharon told us: "It's all about trying to serve more locations as well as working some private functions and festivals. 

"We have customers who have travelled from Ayr and Irvine to our locations in East Ayrshire, so it makes it easier to bring the food there to more people." 

Derrick and Sharon's favourites, including sunshine chicken, jerk pork, curry lamb and green banana and chickpea curry, all feature on the menu.

Customers can also pre-order by text or phone - click here to find out more.