Several Ayrshire politicians have called on the Prime Minister to resign after he admitted attending a drinks gathering in the garden at Downing Street during lockdown.

Boris Johnson admitted earlier this week that he attended the May 2020 gathering but claimed it was purely a 'work event'.

Today, it has emerged Downing Street held two further parties the night before Prince Philip's funeral, at a time when Covid restrictions banned indoor gathering. 

The PM was not in attendance at the April 16, 2021, events, but concerns have been raised about a culture of rule breaking. 

Allan Doran, Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock SNP MP, said: “People in Ayr, Carrick, and Cumnock are understandably furious that while they were following the rules, and making huge sacrifices in the fight against COVID, Boris Johnson was breaking them by hosting illegal parties in Downing Street.

"There cannot be one rule for the Tory government and another for the rest of us. The Prime Minister has demonstrated that he is not fit for office.

“If Boris Johnson doesn't have the decency and integrity to resign - his Tory MPs must remove him without further delay."

Scottish Conservative Party politician, and South Scotland MSP, Sharon Dowey added: "As I’ve said before, if there has been any wrong doing on the Prime Minister’s part then he should accept responsibility for that error. Today we have had an admission from the Prime Minister that he was in the wrong, an admission that in my opinion is long overdue.

“Many people have suffered a great deal during this pandemic, that’s why it is so important that the rules are observed by everybody in our society, regardless of their position or political persuasion. We simply cannot have one rule for some and one rule for others; to suggest otherwise would be an insult to the British public."

Leader of the Scottish Conservative Party, Douglas Ross, has called for the Prime Minister to resign on numerous occasions.

This is a feeling that party colleague Sharon Dowey, South Scotland MSP, agrees with. 

She added: “I understand that this must have been a difficult call for Douglas to make but in light of the circumstances I believe it is the right decision."

Another South Scotland MSP has also called for Boris Johnson to resign.

Ayr-born Tory Brian Whittle added: “Given the Prime Minister’s admission that he attended this event in the Downing Street gardens, it’s clear to me that he has broken the rules he was asking us all to follow.

"If it came to light that Nicola Sturgeon or any of her Ministers had done something like this I would have no hesitation in calling for their resignation, so it would be wrong of me not to say the same here just because Boris Johnson wears the same colour of party rosette as me.

"This isn’t a question of politicians being held to a higher standard, it’s about them sticking to the same rules as everyone else and ensuring those who work for them do the same.

"Boris Johnson has failed to do that and, perhaps worse, he’s damaged the credibility of his office at a time when the public need to have trust in their government to see them through the pandemic.

"He has admitted he did the wrong thing, now he needs to do the right thing and resign.”