A CONSERVATIVE West Scotland MSP has told one of his party's best-known MPs to "go and have a long lie down" after the Tories' Scottish leader was branded a "lightweight".

Jamie Greene made the comment in response to Jacob Rees-Mogg, Leader of the House of Commons, who criticised Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross in TV and radio interviews on Wednesday.

On Wednesday Mr Ross called for Boris Johnson to resign after the Prime Minister admitted attending a drinks party for Downing Street staff in May 2020 - when such gatherings were banned under lockdown rules.

In response to Mr Ross's comments, Mr Rees-Mogg dismissed the calls for Johnson to go, and called the Moray MP, who is also an MSP for the Highlands and Islands, a "lightweight figure" within the party.

In response to the question "What's your message to Jacob Rees-Mogg?", Mr Greene replied: "Just go and have a long lie down, perhaps preferably not in the House of Commons".

The humourous video was uploaded by Twitter page PhantomPower14.