Strange creatures and sculptures decorated Girvan old town on the morning of Hogmanay thanks to a creative display put on by a community arts group.

After five weeks of preparation by the CRAG Community Arts team, the people of Girvan were treated to a spectacle featuring some incredible creations illuminating a trail for residents to follow.

The Strandline trail marked the final event of the Year of Coasts and Waters and replaced the traditional lantern parade.

At 4.30pm the lights began to twinkle and shine as the creatures and characters from the coast and inland waters sparkled into life.

Ayr Advertiser: Some of the work on display.Some of the work on display.

And it was only a matter of time before a river of life began to flow around the town as townsfolk and visitors took to the streets exploring the nooks and crannies of the old town, seeking out the watery wonders that had washed ashore.

“I woke up to find a stone circle at the end of the road,” said one bemused Maxwell Street dweller.

Over seven hours, 21 installations were erected around the town by volunteers and the arts team, transforming the town with light and sounds celebrating sea and freshwater life.

Ayr Advertiser: All sorts of wildlife was on display.All sorts of wildlife was on display.

Visitors from all over Ayrshire, Galloway and beyond, joined residents who turned up despite the torrential rain early on. The Strandline event proved to be an enormous hit for CRAG Community Arts.

The event was funded by Visit Scotland as part of their Covid Recovery for the events, Carrick Futures Trust, the Robertson Trust and Girvan Community led Tourism.

A spokesperson from CRAG told the Advertiser: “The event left smiles on the faces of the hundreds who turned off their tellies and went for a watery wander.

“As Scotland’s major Hogmanay events were cancelled, Girvan’s Strandline Event proved to be beacon of light amidst the darkness.

“With thanks to the Arts Team David Powell, Victoria Randlo, Chelsea Rodgers, Mairi Archbold and Maryjean Govan.

“Also thanks to Sandra, Joan and John, Davie and all the fisherfolk singers, the 1st Girvan Guides, Jordan, Tony, Fraser, Keiran, Morgan, Gareth, Dylan, Euan, Rob, and GAB Audio.”

The Year of Coast and Waters, originally designated for 2020, but rolled over into 2021 due to the pandemic, was declared to highlight, celebrate and promote opportunities to experience and enjoy Scotland’s coasts and waters.

The initiative is led by Visit Scotland on behalf of the Scottish Government. It’s designed to boost tourism and activities through themed years, with local arts groups and

communities cooperating to put out an offering inspired by the theme.

This year will be the Year of Scotland’s Stories.