The good folk at the Girvan RNLI were left despairing of humankind earlier this year when their donation box was stolen from outside their store, but their faith in humanity might just have been restored, after a neighbour raised funds to replace their losses.

The cash-box itself was very expensive, not to mention the donations inside it.

Upon hearing of what happened, a local store set about putting things right.

Amanda Speirs and her team at Premier Stores on Glendoune Street raised £170 for the life-saving charity through an in-store raffle.

Volunteers at Girvan RNLI were quick to thank the store manager and her colleagues, saying: “When news of the vandalism to our large collection box outside the lifeboat station broke, it outraged a lot of folks from the town as well as ourselves, the community was quick to offer support, with many supporting our own raffle, some donated using our just giving page and some found their own way of supporting us.

“As with many local businesses, we have always had great support from Premier Stores within the town where we have several collection boxes that do really well, when they heard of what happened they were quick to organise their own raffle with all money collected going to Girvan RNLI.

“We were delighted today to pop along to Premier Stores and meet Manageress Amanda Speirs to collect the fantastic sum of £170 they raised in their raffle.

“Thank you to all the Premier staff and customers for all your support, have a safe and Merry Christmas.”