Completing one marathon is an achievement, but three, now that is truly a feat of superhuman endurance. And all within three days – that’s the incredible triumph accomplished by two lads from Ayr.

Euan McIntyre and Martin Boyle, both 22, set out on their mammoth effort in the days leading up to Christmas, running 26 miles on December 22, 23, and 24.

In the process they’ve raised nearly £4,000 for charity. Cancer Research will be the beneficiary, the boys having selected the charity after having lost a friend, two years younger than them, to cancer earlier this year, as well as having family members who have died from cancer. So far their pot stands at £3,850 and they’ll leave the Gofundme page open for a week or two yet.

Their route on days one and two took them around Alloway and Doonfoot and onto Troon and then a second route, which they did so as to vary their efforts took in a trail run up to Auchencruive. The pair got soaked on the first two days as the heaven’s opened and the rain poured down, but at least the wind held off for them.

It was Euan’s first ever marathon, whereas Martin had completed one before as part of his efforts to stay fit for his modelling job. The two friends, who have been going to the gym together since they were 15, started out with plans to run a single marathon on Christmas Eve, but felt that the challenge of completing three would perhaps increase the amount they’d be able to earn for charity.

Euan said: “Martin had suggested that we do this for charity, we both said ‘yes, definitely’, and then we said that we didn’t feel like running a marathon was enough for charity, of course it is, but we thought let’s make this a bit more challenging and we got all competitive with each other and we said we’d do the three days, and that’s how it came to life.”

After completing the second run the boys were complaining of sore legs, but thankfully, local physio Kevin McLellan stepped in to help soothe their aching muscles and ligaments - free of charge.

Euan said: “Our legs were pretty sore after the second day, we got in touch with Kevin McLellan and strapped us up for the third day, which made it a bit easier, free of charge. We got in contact with him before the runs and asked him for any tips and whatnot and then on the second day, Martin’s leg was a bit injured so we got back in touch with him and he strapped us all up which was really helpful.”

The boys have another challenge planned for February next year, when they plan on raising money for the Ayrshire Hospice. We’ll bring you more updates on that challenge as they are confirmed.

Their fundraiser can be found here.