Items which are understood to be radioactive were being advertised for sale online by a Troon-based retailer.

Energy Armor products have been deemed unsafe by Dutch nuclear and radiation protection agency ANVS.

It is claimed that some of the brand’s items examined emit ‘ionizing radiation’, which the wearer would be exposed to, and that continued use of these products could cause skin irritation as well as damage tissue and DNA.

Yet, up until last week the brand’s face masks, necklaces, bracelets, and pendants were available to buy from a seller in Troon on eBay.

After being made aware of the items, the Advertiser raised the issue with the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and asked if the authority was aware these items were being sold from a UK address and if they supported the Dutch authority’s view on the danger of the items.

The following day, the items were no longer available online.

The BEIS responded: “The government’s top priority is to keep people safe, which is why goods sold in the UK must meet some of the strictest safety laws in the world.

“We are aware of reports concerning products in the Netherlands and the UK’s product safety regulator is looking into the matter.”

The ANVS say “long-term health damage cannot be completely ruled out if these products are worn continuously and for a long time,” and advise people to stop wearing and return them to the seller.

They ask consumers not to bin the items due to their radioactive nature. Also included in the Dutch authority’s warning were similar items from the Magnetix brand.

The products have since been listed on Safety Gate, the EU rapid alert system for dangerous non-food products.

The sale of these products has been made illegal in the Netherlands and the Dutch authorities have informed the sellers that they must immediately stop selling them.

Energy Armor products remain available to purchase in the UK from Amazon at the time of writing.