A FORMER pupil of Ayr Academy has launched a new book detailing his life as a vet – which began on his home Ayrshire turf.

Now living in Yeovil, Graham Watson’s book, Somerset Vet - An Interesting Life, includes memories of his time with Ayr Rugby and Cricket clubs, as well as his time living and working in the west of England.

The title gives a clever nod to the part of the country that Graham lives in, as well as the fact that Graham has remained an avid supporter of Ayr United – despite the geographical issues that stops him getting to Somerset Park as much as he’d like.

Graham says it was vitally important to him that he focused a large portion of the book on his time in Ayr.

He told the Advertiser: “Many of the stories are from my time in Ayr in the 40s and 50s, and doing farm work, right through to doing work with small animals.

“I think focusing on my time in Ayr was a big factor in the book – I love being from Ayr, and remembering my times of going to school there and my sporting interests there as well.

“I’m very proud to be an Honest Man as well. I only moved away from Ayr to Cornwall initially because there were a lot more placements available in England than there were in Scotland at that time.

“Although the book is also a lot about my life as a vet and my love of animals, it also focuses on my love of sport and music, and all the things I loved about being in Ayr.

“I’m hoping that some of my friends from years gone by will be able to see the book and read about some of the tales from over the years.

“I’ve loved my life and I loved writing this. If I had my time again then I wouldn’t change anything at all.”

Graham’s book is available for purchase on Amazon Prime.