A PRESTWICK dad who has been fighting to improve his health has finally been reunited with his son.

Back in October, we reported how Stephen Girvan had been on the lookout for a special hospital bed to help him sleep, improve his health, and be reunited with his son.

Shortly after his initial story, Stephen was kindly given a perfect hospital-style bed, donated by Robert and Nan Frew at mobility matters.

The Prestwick dad feared he would die in his sleep, and he claimed to need more support when in a slumber because of his health and weight that is putting added pressure on his heart.

Stephen’s son, Cameron, currently lives with his mum in Glasgow, and a mutual agreement between the parents meant that Stephen couldn’t see Cameron until his health improves.

But after the donation of the new bed, Stephen’s health has improved and he has been able to receive a visit from his loving son.

Stephen said: “My son is disabled and we love to dress up which you see in our photos of the weekend.

“I’ll forever be grateful to Robert. He was the one who let me pay up my Chopper scooter in the summer so I could get out and have a summer with my son.

“If it wasn’t for him I would have been house-bound and not able to get out with my son.

“I have spoken to the sleep apnoea team and they said I have 53 episodes a night. Since having the bed I slept for six hours with no episodes.

“Here is the next part of what Robert has done for me - or what he is going to do. I have a Chopper scooter which goes 8mph.

“He (Robert) has a scooter that goes twice as fast and has let me get a test drive on it.

“It’s all getting arranged for me to get it as soon as my shed is built and my last payment is met next month.

“You have no idea how this new scooter will change my life.

“I am scared to go out just now because I was assaulted, but this new one is so fast it’s given me that hope I can get away if anyone comes near me again.

“So it’s giving me a new lease of life.

“I was dressed up as Santa Claus on my mobility scooter and I gave out free selection boxes to random people - from old ladies to children to anyone who would accept one.

“It was a joy to give back to the community and to share some love. I’m a great believer that if someone is kind to you, then be kind to someone.

“If the world worked that way - if I was kind to someone, and they were kind to someone, and that person were to be kind to someone, then by the end of the day, the world would be kind to each other.”

Stephen is due to see his son again over the Christmas period.