A HUSBAND and wife couple from Ayr have transformed their home into a walking art gallery.

Leona Stewart and her husband, Ian McNicol have put on the show at their Carrick Road home in Ayr for the past 16 years, with hundreds of visitors turning up.

Leona, a glass maker, and Ian, a printmaker, create their own pieces of art work to go on display, as well as featuring work from a number of local artists.

For a number of years, the couple also used to put on the show twice a year, but cut it back to just the once in recent times.

Leona told the Advertiser: “We basically turn the house into a gallery for what used to be a long weekend.

“Before Covid, it would only be open for the last weekend in November.

“It’s been one of the biggest selling events that either of us have done every year and as the years go on it gets bigger and bigger.

“Last year we decided to film the show and do walk rounds and post on social media.

“And then when restrictions lowered, we were allowed small groups so we really liked that format because we could see who was here and we could actually talk with them.

“Usually we would be so busy with a house load of people and trying to sell things and stuff that we wouldn’t get that chance”.

The change has also meant that this year they will be operating a booking system which allows for a one hour time slot that allows up to six people from three households to attend at the same time.

This year’s show will run until December 12, with spaces still available to be booked.

With another successful year in the making, Leona is extremely proud of the work they put in, and grateful for the support they receive every year.

She added: “Year after year there’s more and more people here and because it’s an open studio that people like to feel comfortable about it.

“This year we’ve already had about 55 groups of people booked to come in so we’re incredibly pleased with how people take it and we’re always so grateful for everyone who comes to see it.”

To go along and see the show, you can find more information by going to https://www.leonastewartglass.co.uk/xmas-show-info