A NEW book detailing the history, stories and photos of the old outdoor swimming pool in Troon will soon be launched.

After a successful project of compiling the history, it was decided that all the tales will be collected in a new book, titled ‘Troon open air swimming pool 1931-1981’.

The initial project started when two estranged friends, Caroline Mirtle and Jan Bennie, made contact with each other on the Old Troon Facebook page after 45 years.

From there, with the help of a number of residents, the successful compilation was positively greeted on social media, leading to the idea of creating the book.

The book will be launched on Friday, December 3, with all proceeds from the £15 sales going towards Troon RNLI.

Lynda Hardman is helping with the creation of the book, and she is delighted with how well received the idea has been already.

She said: “I’ve been working with Alan Baird at the Copy Stop in Troon to get this book together.

“The pool was open for 50 years and anyone who grew up in Troon during that time had some sort of connection with it.

“So I think when people see something like this and they can share their own stories about it then it takes them back to a place they were happy. It’s good because the book will preserve these stories for the duration of time.

“What started for Jan and Caroline as a flippant remark, has turned into a book for the wider public.

“There are over 150 photos in the book, and they can take people back in an instant.

“We wanted the funds to go to Troon RNLI for the obvious reasons of how much amazing work they do in the area and for them to feel valued as well. That was also a very important reason for this book.”

The book is available from Words and Music on Portland Street, Troon from Monday, December 6.