Troon Loneliness and animal charity, Give a Dog a Bone...and an animal a home, has released its first ever Christmas Advert in a bid to raise awareness of the benefits animal companionship can have on lonely older adults in the run up to Christmas.

The video was launched as part of the charity’s Christmas Appeal to raise awareness of the difference a rescue pet companion can make in an older person’s life, while providing the animal with a new loving home.

Through daily routine, love and companionship, older adults can find a new sense of purpose.

Give a Dog a Bone…and an animal a home helps to tackle loneliness in people over the age of 60, through animal companionship.

Speaking about the advert, Louise Russell, charity founder, said: “We know ourselves that pets can help reduce the adverse effects of loneliness for older adults.

“They provide motivation to rise in the morning, a reason to get outside into the fresh air for exercise, and they can provide routine in a day which otherwise might be empty.

“For many of the older adults we support, their pets are the main source of company and affection.”

For those who would like companionship however are unable to care for an animal at home, Give a Dog a Bone has three Community Spaces in Scotland where older adults can spend time with the charity’s Companionship Dogs.

At these spaces, the charity delivers an evolving programme of free activities to help older people learn new skills and engage with their community.

You can visit the charity’s Christmas Gifting page at or they can make a direct donation via the link.