Thieves have trashed a charity box and stolen money from a rescue crew in South Ayrshire.

Girvan RNLI Lifeboat attached the charity box to a pole outside of their hub as a way to raise funds after Covid-19 limited their usual revenue options.

The money in the charity box was earmarked to pay for fuel for the lifeboat, which rescues stricken vessels and individuals at sea.

It would have also paid for safety equipment and training for volunteers.

But the charity is left counting the cost after fiends ripped the charity box from its chain and stole the contents over the weekend.

To make matters worse, the box itself cost £300.

Volunteers discovered the box was missing on Sunday morning and found the broken and empty box dashed on stairs a short distance away.

The police have been informed.
Ayr Advertiser:

Craig Sommerville, Girvan Lifeboat press officer, said: "During such a challenging time for society these last couple of years during Covid, where at Girvan Lifeboat we have had to cancel or postpone the majority of our annual fundraisers such as the harbour gala, race nights and open days, we were saddened by the recent vandalism to the collection box outside Girvan Lifeboat station.

"Along with the collection boxes in shops and various outlets, these collection boxes are vital in raising funds for local stations directly and help us continue the vital work of saving lives at sea.

"When local collection boxes are emptied the funds are attributed to the station and these funds are used to offset costs like new weatherproof ppe and safety kit for crew members, training for crew members, fuel for the lifeboat and many many more costs associated with providing a lifesaving service here in Girvan.

"The RNLI is as you know a charity, with no government involvment and we are funded soley by donations and legacies from the kind hearted and generous members of the public, so as a station we greatly rely on these collection boxes, and this type of mindless vandalism has more of an impact than what you would think, not only the potential loss of donations but the hefty cost of £300 just to replace the box.

"You can still support us by donating online on our justgiving page where any donation is greatly received and just as important to us as every penny popped in a box, you can help us by visiting this link"