Beavers and Cubs from Kyle and Carrick District Scouts have partnered with Warhammer to proudly sponsor the Model Maker Activity Badge.

This month, the 14th Ayrshire Scouts (Prestwick) attended the fantastic Games Workshops in the Warhammer shop in Ayr.

All the young people were left feeling inspired as they were immersed in new, fantastical worlds which stoked their imaginations.

Warhammer is regarded as one of the world’s best miniatures games.

It is also an immensely creative hobby that can help a young person’s inner artist flourish, whilst also encouraging social activities and group interaction – something Scouts from the 14th Ayrshire really enjoyed.

They also left with a fantastic goodie bag to continue with the model making.

Talking about his experience at the workshop, Scout Eric said: “I had a great time.

“When I got home from the workshop I got straight into building my second model. Thanks to those that helped.”

All the models the young people built were made from recyclable plastic, which was another topic they covered in the workshop.

They found out they they could play different games with the figures – a war game, or a game with dice, almost like chess.

Playing theses games can help to learn about strategies, decision making and numeracy.

Scout Leader Joanne King from the 14th Ayrshire Scout Group was pleased to see how the youngsters took to the activities, and she hopes they are skills that can be transferred in life.

She added: “Seeing how the young people worked together, helping each other once again was great.

“They all seemed interested in what they were doing, and seeing all the finished figures around the shop inspired them!

“We want to say a huge thank you to Austen at Warhammer, Ayr. Great workshop.”

A representative from the group added: “The 14th Ayrshire Scout Group would like to thank Austen and his team at Warhammer, Ayr for all the time and work they put into making these workshops a roaring success.

“The Scouts had the best time ever.”

If you are interested in helping out with Beavers (boys and girls aged six to eight), Cubs (boys and girls aged eight to 10), Scouts

(boys and girls aged 10 to 14), or Explorers (boys and girls aged 14 to 17) or helping in the background with things such as building maintenance, finances etc, please contact Kyle and Carrick Scouts.

Well done to all those who took part in the badge event.