Five trees in South Ayrshire are have been destroyed after being infected by a disease called Ash Dieback.

It was revealed last month that a number of trees in Monument Road in Ayr were infected and would have to be taken care of.

These trees were felled between October 5-8.

Now five trees have now been identified with the disease within the inner cordon of the site in Kincaidston and arrangements have been made for their removal while works continue in this area.

These ones were felled between November 11-15.

Work continues to identify further trees affected in the area.

A South Ayrshire Council spokesperson said : “South Ayrshire Council are working in partnership with East Ayrshire Council and the Ayrshire Roads Alliance to develop a plan to tackle a disease that is affecting Ash trees.

“Ash Dieback is caused by a fast spreading, wind-borne fungus that was first discovered in the UK in 2012. Diseased trees must be identified and removed when they become a danger to the public, especially where they are in close proximity to targets such as roads, footpaths, buildings, car parks or play areas.”