Ayr’s Ewan McVicar has said he has grand plans for the future, but insists he is aiming to keep his feet firmly on the ground, with thanks to some help from his mum.

The famed musician has recently had success in the UK Singles chart, as his new single ‘Tell Me Something Good’ reached No. 15.

Despite breaking into the top 20 of the chart, Ewan insists he always remembers his roots, and will never

get carried away with his success.

He told the Advertiser: “To be honest, I’ve not actually taken in what’s went on.

“I’m not one that sits and looks at the charts, but I think it’s important to take a step back and look at what’s happening because see if you don’t, you get too wrapped up in it.

“Going from DJing for a couple of people in Ayr, to thousands of people in Cardiff is unbelievable.

“I was playing in Glasgow and then I was in London the next day and when I was flying out I thought to myself, ‘I can’t believe I’m actually doing this’ and it’s moments like that that I’ll remember.”

With all the success coming his way, Ewan is thankful for those around him keeping his feet on the ground.

He continued: “I still live with my mum and my step dad and my mum is always supporting me.

“It is a lot but it doesn’t phase me and that’s why I’ve stayed at home because I’m conscious about moving to a big city and getting wrapped up in it.

“But when I’m at home and my mum’s making my bed and stuff then that really helps, and I know I’ve got my mates there who would have a word with me if I was getting carried away.”

Ewan is now hoping to launch his own record label to find up-and-coming artists in Ayrshire. By 2023, he is also aiming to have his own

festival in Ayr featuring worldwide artists and up and coming musicians.

Ewan has worked with a number of top artists, and played in some amazing destinations. He still has aspirations of working with more artists and visiting more places in the future.

He said: “The Scotland and Ireland crowds are basically unmatched. I think Italy is somewhere I’d always want to go and play. And New York is something I really set my targets on as well.

“I’d love to do a back-to-back with Patrick [Topping] because I love playing with him.

“I’d love to support Chemical Brothers as well.

Ewan’s last night with Patrick Topping lead to one of his more bizarre encounters with fans.

“I walked into the club and a girl threw her phone at me and I was like ‘what’s that for?’ and she had a tattoo of a barcode on her of Spotify so she used my phone and scanned the code and it brought up Tell Me Something Good and I was thinking ‘Oh My God I’ve got actual fans who will do stuff like this’.

“That kind of support is something I’ll never ever take for granted”.