Piri Master in Ayr is hosting a Christmas event at their restaurant, allowing youngsters to meet Santa Claus.

The event is being held by the team as a way of getting involved in the community, and being able to put a smile on

children’s and adult’s faces this year.

For £1, families can get a 10-minute slot where they can meet Santa in the restaurant, they’ll get a present and the parents can enjoy a tea or coffee.

The event will take place on Saturday, December 18, between 4pm and 6pm.

Having been around for three months now, the team at Piri Master Ayr are hopeful that this event can kickstart a strong relationship with the community.

Manager, Kirsteen Allan told the Advertiser: “We want to do this to give something to the community and hopefully it can put a smile on one or two faces, which would be amazing for the kids after the year we’ve all had.

“It was obviously difficult for us because we opened up during the lockdown and most of our orders were from online.

“From putting on this event, we hope that it can get us involved with

people in the community, and people will know we are open to come in.”

The team were also keen to ensure the event was as user-friendly as possible, with no bright flashing lights or loud noises.

Kirsteen added: “I’ve got a background in working with an autism charity. So we were keen to make sure there are no bright, flashing lights, no loud noises, and it wasn’t too busy at one time for anyone who wants to come.”

More info on the Piri Master Ayr Facebook page.