Symington Primary has been given the go ahead to build an extension – the second in just over a decade.

The single-storey extension is to be used for a general purpose room and a store room.

The school was extended as part of a £1.8million modernisation project in 2010, including a new library and general purpose areas.

Planners gave the go ahead to the extension, citing the fact that it remains entirely within the existing school grounds and doesn’t change the use of the land there.

Their report stated: “The proposed extension takes its design cues from the original building and is designed to reflect the existing school.

“The extension is reflective of the existing school premises, and due to its siting, scale, low profile design and unobtrusive nature of the proposed extension, the development is not considered to adversely impact on the residential character or amenity of the locality, or to look out of character with the surroundings.”

The closest home to the extension will be 70m away, with no objections raised.

At the time of the last extension the council stated: “The newly refurbished and extended building brings Symington Primary up to date and offers an environment where every child can take advantage of all learning opportunities on offer, maximising their chances of success in tomorrow’s world.”