The Regional Director of VisitScotland is urging people to ‘to take action against climate change today’ to protect Ayrshire and Arran.

With Glasgow playing host to the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), Gordon Smith believes now is the time for people in the local area to take some climate action of their own, to secure the future and rich history of what we have to offer.

Mr Smith said: “We know that environmental change is one of the biggest challenges facing our tourism and events sector.

“Scotland’s breathtaking scenery is the number one reason why people visit our shores. Visitors from every corner of the world have fallen in love with our world-famous views and natural assets. They are what make Scotland so special. This is certainly the case for the landscapes and coastline of Ayrshire and Arran.

“And that is exactly why we need to take action against climate change today, to protect these assets for the visitors of tomorrow.”

VisitScotland says it is committed to working with the industry and communities to create a long-lasting, sustainable tourism destination which will protect the environment and benefit visitors and residents.

Gordon added: “Across Ayrshire and Arran, more and more businesses are already looking at what they can do to embrace responsible and sustainable tourism.

“This isn’t a niche trend any more, it is a fundamental part of our country’s tourism offering as we encourage visitors to consider the impact their visit has on the environment.

“By making sustainable travel choices we can all help protect our landscapes while at the same time boost the local economy, culture and diversity of our areas.”