South Ayrshire Council has recently launched their South Ayrshire Way Strategic Change Programme, bringing together 19 initial change projects under six overarching transformational themes.

The themes are: Delivering Council Plan priorities; Services which are designed to be fit for purpose and sustainable; Customers at the heart of what we do; Digitally confident; Maximising the use of our assets, and A workforce for the future.

The programme includes projects which will look at how the council can deliver services differently, by prioritising customers, and ensuring best value for money.

This will include considering new ways to deliver waste management services, with a focus on street cleaning and commercial waste. South Ayrshire Council will also develop a net zero action plan and a new waste transfer and green waste station.

By delivering services differently and modernising work, the council hope they will be able to use their buildings differently. One of the 19 projects will therefore focus on transforming the council’s estate.

The council will also extend their engagement with communities in line with their Place Plans initiative, to try and give a voice to the people.

Councillor Peter Henderson, Leader of South Ayrshire Council said: “As an organisation, we recognise the need for continuous change and improvement. The pandemic and the economic challenges we face have accelerated the need for us to deliver services differently.

“This programme brings together a significant number of projects, all of which have an ultimate focus of delivering real change, ensuring sustainable services and the most positive customer experience possible.”