Ayrshire politicians have differing opinions on how the recent UK budget set out by Chancellor Rishi Sunak will affect the area.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak Chancellor of the Exchequer announced the Autumn 2021 budget last week.

Included in this, is believed to be a simpler alcohol duties system, with the planned increase in duty on Scotch whisky, wine, beer and cider set to be cancelled from midnight tonight.

This is a tax cut worth £3billion which will bring direct benefit to Ayrshire alcohol-producing businesses.

However, Siobhian Brown, SNP MSP for Ayr, said she believes the budget is failing to tackle the cost of living for people in Scotland, the Brexit crisis and the climate crisis, whilst the Tory-led government prioritise cuts the cost of champagne and giving tax breaks to bankers.

She said: “What the Tory UK Government has outlined today does not meet the ambition needed to build a fair and sustainable recovery and to tackle the cost of living crisis.

“It’s painfully clear that there will be no fair recovery from the pandemic under Westminster control.

“This Tory budget fails Scotland as a whole and doesn’t go anywhere near supporting people in Ayr, Prestwick and Troon who are being hit by an energy crisis, a Brexit crisis, a Labour shortages crisis and an inflation crisis under Westminster control.

“The UK Government budget is leaving families here hundreds of pounds worse off next year due to Tory cuts, tax hikes and the soaring cost of Brexit.

“It’s little wonder that, in May’s election, the people of Scotland voted overwhelmingly for a different future when they gave the SNP the highest share of the vote since the dawn of devolution and a clear mandate for an independence referendum. Independence is the only way to keep Scotland safe from Tory cuts.”

On the other hand, Scottish Conservative and Unionist MSP Sharon Dowey believes the review “delivers for the people of Ayrshire”.

She said: “The UK spending review announced, delivers for the people of Ayrshire. I’m particularly pleased about the welcome news that the Chancellor has cancelled the planned increase in duty on Scotch whisky, beer, and cider.

“Following such a difficult time during Covid, this will help breweries and distilleries across Ayrshire. Businesses such as Grant’s, Ayr Brewing Company and others will benefit from this £3 billion tax cut, showing that the UK Government is committed to supporting the industry in every corner of the country.

“It’s also great to see that the average car driver in Ayrshire will save £15 when filling up their tanks. This will help families across Ayrshire deal with the cost of running a vehicle, allowing them to spend this money elsewhere.

“Changes to the universal credit taper rate and the work allowance are also great news for working families who have had a tough year and I’m delighted the Chancellor has included these measures in his Review..

“It’s also good to see the Review reiterate the UK Government’s commitment to accelerate the Ayrshire Growth Deal. With the potential to create up to 7,000 jobs, this will help see improvements in Ayrshire’s infrastructure and regeneration projects delivered faster. These announcements show that the UK Government is committed to driving up local economic growth across Ayrshire and is delivering for Ayrshire.”