COP26 may have kicked off this week in Glasgow, but for residents of Monkton, they found out on Friday morning just how they would be affected by the event taking place 40 miles away.

In the village behind Prestwick Airport, 2000 traffic cones appeared on residential streets, alongside ‘Parking Suspended’ signs, banning cars from the road for the duration of the event.

Although the roads are not closed for access, only residents with off-street parking are able to park their cars at home during the next fortnight.

Others have been told to find alternative means, with the nearest town being nearly 3 miles away.

Harry Middleditch, chair of Monkton Community Council told the Advertiser about how little consultation the community have had over these parking restrictions.

He revealed: “We didn’t know this was going to happen until it actually happened.

“They turned up on Thursday, and literally dumped 2,000 cones in the village.

“No consultation, no forewarning, and if somebody tells me it is COP26, and it is anti-terrorism laws, it’s not anti-terrorism laws when you have old dears sitting with their

cars in the street and suddenly got no-waiting cones dumped on it.

“Especially when they aren’t using that road.”

Harry has been trying to find alternatives for those who do not have the luxury of their own private parking space.

“There is a car park at the old Wheatsheaf Inn that is lying empty, they could get somebody in to clear it out. The community council have said that we will meet somebody from South Ayrshire Council to find a solution.

“Myself and my deputy have been going around the village and we have identified a couple of places that would be suitable and could be quite easily cleared for parking.”

For Harry, the biggest concern has been the lack of communications:.

He said: “There hasn’t even been a phone call, nobody has contacted us all weekend. We’ve just watched a weekend where nobody can park, they can’t use the shop, nobody is going anywhere near them because of the cones.

“There are a number of residents on Kilmarnock Road and the Main Street don’t have access to off-street parking. They park on the road.

“People on Kilmarnock Road have obliged, taken their cars away, but where they have taken them, I don’t know. But for people on the Main Street, they’ve just left their cars as there are no places for them to put it.”

A spokesperson from Police Scotland said: “There are on-street parking restrictions in place for security reasons.

“Residents can still access their private driveways.”

A spokesperson for the Ayrshire Road Alliance said: "The Ayrshire Roads Alliance is continuing to liaise closely with Police Scotland to ensure the safe arrival and departure of visitors to Scotland for COP26.

"The Alliance understands that the parking restrictions, in place on a number of roads in the vicinity of Glasgow Prestwick Airport, are having an impact on the local community and are working to ensure that this is kept to a minimum.

"This includes securing agreement for the easing of some restrictions on Tarbolton Road and Main Street.

"While the agreement has been reached on the easing of restrictions, Police Scotland may have to put the restrictions back in place at very short notice for security purposes."