The chance of winning £100,000 would be “life-changing” according to a member from Ayrshire Sportsability.

The organisation is in the running to win a huge prize of £100k, thanks to Persimmon Homes’ Building Futures scheme, which aims to change lives for young people across the country.

Ayrshire Sportsability is in the running for the sports section of the giveaway, with second place being worth £50k, and third place being worth a sizeable £20k.

The top sum of money would be transformational for the group that was set up in 2001, as it would more than triple the amount of money they aim to raise every year to get people, young and old, with a disability involved in sport.

Ayrshire Sportsability’s Dianne Campbell said the money could change the lives of hundreds of kids.

She told the Advertiser: “This amount of money would be so beneficial to so many people across Ayrshire who have a disability and are looking to get into sport.

“We could literally help hundreds of people with this kind of money.

“We try and raise around £30,000 every year through fundraising and grants to keep activities running and keep people involved.

“So that shows how much of an impact the top prize could have on us, and especially with Covid it has been even tougher.

“We’re grateful to have come this far and we’re just hoping we can get one more push and get the prize.

“There aren’t that many representatives on the list from Scotland, so we’re hoping that might work in our favour.

“Please go to the Persimmon Homes website and vote for us, and help us to help as many people as we can.”