Motorists in Ayr are still being charged bogus fines after visiting a car park in the town, half a year after the problem first reared its head.

People who have visited Boswell Car Park, in the centre of town, have been receiving letters from Workflow Dynamics, who run the car park, requesting they pay fines of one hundred pounds, despite them having a valid ticket for their stay.

We first reported the problem back in May.

At the time, David Peach, Workflow Dynamic’s managing director acknowledged there was a problem and said they had resolved the issue and that no more fines would be sent out to people by mistake.

However, as some users can attest, the problem persists.

One car park user, 74-year-old Elizabeth Nicol, received a fine after her visit to the car park in August. She questioned whether it was “just a con to get extra money from unsuspecting car owners.”

She added: “I would have paid them if my grandson hadn’t reminded me I had paid with my bank card.

“I sent a printout from my bank statement to show I had actually paid for my parking time. As it is I have also found the ticket that shows my time in and out and what I paid.

“I am a 74 year old and was thankful my grandson was with me as I couldn’t afford the fine.”

Another person, who wished to remain anonymous, said that they would not be returning to the car park because of the issue, after they received two fines from Workflow Dynamics in a single week.

They said: “I have received two parking fines in as little as a week for parking which I have paid for. I have contacted work flow dynamics who own the car park and they have ignored my emails. I have tried calling them on the phone and it just rings out.

“I would like to make you aware of this as it could be happening to others.

“I will no longer be using this car park as they have no idea of how to run it correctly.”

The Advertiser approached managing director David Peach again to ask him why the problem hasn’t bee fixed six months after he was first made aware of it. However, this time he denied the existence of a problem, saying: “We monitor this and all our sites very closely and we have not detected a recurrence of the very original issue.”

He advised people to appeal if they feel they have been wrongly charged a fine.

Given the ongoing nature of this issue, we approached South Ayrshire Trading Standards to ask them what can be done.

A council spokesperson said: “Trading Standards has dealt with several complaints about car park operators in the past. If a person feels that their parking charge notice is unfounded in most cases they can appeal to the company direct. If South Ayrshire residents have concerns or need additional assistance they can contact Trading Standards on 0300 123 0900”