Concerns have been raised about the condition of land at one South Ayrshire cemetery.

There have been reports that the ground underneath some headstones at Ayr Cemetery on Holmston Road is saturated, with one member of the public describing conditions as like a ‘mud bath’.

The burial lairs are supposed to be sealed, but there are worries that there are holes in the seal, leading to flooding of the chamber.

The area affected is the newest part of the cemetery, on its eastern edge.

Work to install the new burial chambers there was only completed last year.

A relative of one of those interred there told the Advertiser: “I was up at the cemetery on Saturday and one man informed me that two councillors are coming to this meeting that is to be held up at the new part of the cemetery.

“One lady sent me a message to say that a member of her family’s grave just before you go into the new section is like a mud bath and she has complained about this and nothing has been done.

“Also I got another message from this lady and her mum has seen the worker pumping out of the new section and they were a bit worried about this.”

The council are responsible for the maintenance of the cemetery and they say that they are aware of the situation.

A South Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: “Following a concern raised by a member of the public, we are arranging to carry out checks on all the chambers as quickly as possible, and will keep the owners of each lair informed.”

However, the person who contacted the Advertiser has not yet received any communication from the council about the issue.

The resident added that they feel that all those with relatives interred in the affected area should be made aware.