Budding writers from Ayrshire are being invited to enter a competition with the chance of winning a £1,000 prize.

Printing company, Cartridge People are inviting writers of all shapes and sizes to get in their 1,000-word creative writing stories for the chance to win the top prize.

Open to anyone age 18 or over, there will be a first-place prize of £1,000 as well as five runner-up prizes in the form of a Cartridge People printer pack, including a brand new inkjet printer, along with a full set of ink cartridges as well as copy paper.

Stories can be uploaded via the Cartridge People website, with a maximum allocation of 1,500 words. Entries must be submitted by October, 18.

Creative writing has grown enormously throughout the pandemic, as a profession and as a hobby for people to express themselves.

Cartridge People Content Manager, Andy Davies said: “Having come from a Creative Writing background, I know too well that there can be a cost to the creative process through printing. The fact is that it’s often so much easier to have a hard copy of your work to go over before submitting it for coursework assignments, publishers or even competitions.

“We wanted to run a competition to offer a writer the chance to win £1,000 cash prize and also let people know that printing doesn’t have to be expensive. Using Cartridge People Own Brand cartridges, identifying the write mono printer for documents and using printer settings to switch to draft modes are just some of the ways to cut those costs down.”