Galloway and Southern Ayrshire Unesco Biosphere’s Community and Education Lead, Jenna Cairns, joined a 40-strong team to take on the Rhins O’Kells challenge.

The challenge involves scaling the seven summits, which is around a 14-mile journey.

Jenna joined the Doon Valley walkers on their annual challenge, which involves taking in Meikle Millyea, Milldown, Millfire, the mighty Corserine, Meaul, Bow and Black Craig.

Doon Valley Walkers is a group which encourages people to share their stores, experiences and pictures of some of their walking adventures. As well as encouraging anyone who is able to get out and take in the outdoors.

Planned walks are backed up by fully qualified first aiders and group leaders. Councillors Drew Filson and Jim Murphy were also in attendance on the walk, propping up the group from the back and leading from the front, respectively.

Jenna joined the group on the walk to take up the chance to interact with people within the community and see what help can be offered.

A representative from the biosphere said: “Jenna is the Biosphere’s Community and Education Lead and our whole team values opportunities such as these to meet and spend time with local residents, especially outdoors, and to speak in person about what they value about where they live and any issues their communities face where there may be potential for the Biosphere to help.

“Added plus: there’s the chance to make new friends!

“Walking groups are a great way to connect while experiencing the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of outdoor exercise, and there’s no obligation to go up any hill, let alone seven”.

Jenna was awarded a celebratory medal for completing the challenge, as were all of the participants.