Seven community groups have been awarded funding through the Carrick Futures Fund.

A total of nearly £100,000 was awarded in August to projects benefitting communities across the area of South Carrick, from Girvan to Barr, Colmonell and Lendalfoot.

Girvan Youth Trust was the biggest beneficiary of the grant, after being awarded £25,000 to support the salary costs of project co-ordinator.

Erin Murdoch, Life’s a Journey Co-ordinator, Girvan Youth Trust said: “Girvan Youth Trust were delighted to receive a two year grant award of £25,000 to fund the co-ordinator position of the Life’s a Journey programme.

“This programme is developed to work with local young people aged 12-25 years, linking together experiential learning, personal development and volunteering opportunities.

“Also included in this is an established ‘Working with Schools’ programme; offering both whole school and targeted support to secondary pupils through the facilitation of Health & Wellbeing and Issue Based sessions, Work Readiness initiatives, Primary and School Leavers Transition programmes, Citizenship programmes and Community Volunteering/Duke of Edinburgh Placements”.

Other successful projects include £5,000 to South Ayrshire Community Transport to support the running of the bus service from Barr to Girvan, £8,000 to Colmonell Community Association to cover running costs for planned community events over three years, £21,000 to Children 1st to to provide a salary for a new part-time project worker for the Carrick Family Wellbeing Service along with associated administration costs, £22,000 to Barr Community Shop and Stores Limited to contribute to the purchase price of the Barr shop building and £10,000 to CRAG to develop the Strandline Festival of Light.

The next application deadline for Carrick Futures is Tuesday November 9, 2021 for a decision in mid-January 2022.