An Indian restaurant in Ayr is planning on a grand makeover.

3idiots in George Street is planning on reshaping their restaurant and also expanding into the building next door that they have rented, which had been lying empty.

The plans have been delayed slightly due to coronavirus, with a shortage in supplies and a high demand on traders at the moment.

3idiots opened and now the team feel it is the right time for a makeover so they can keep in with their idea of offering high quality food at a price which people can afford.

Owner, Parveen Sharma said: “We started out as basic as we could to get going. But now that we’ve been here for two years, we’re in a position that we’re able to fully refurbish.

“The property next door came up to rent and we wanted to expand, but keeping the original property so that was the perfect scenario.

“I think there’s something quite romantic about keeping where we started, because we’re always looking for new premises, we’re always looking to expand, but we always want to keep 10 George Street as our 3idiots as well”.

Work will begin on the empty building next door to the original restaurant before the adjoining wall is knocked through.

When the wall gets knocked through, there will be a closure of the restaurant that they hope will only last a couple of weeks.

Parveen added: “We are looking at early next year hopefully. We’re trying to get everything in place before we finalise a date on when we need to close.”

As part of the makeover, Parveen is heading out to India to do some market research and see what can be added to the current menu.

He added: “When we reopen, we’re hoping to offer some new things on the menu and the possibility of a separate street food menu.

“We’re trying to create a theme that is simple, inexpensive and that we’re slightly different.

“I’m very passionate about the food we serve being authentically Indian. It’s the kind of food you’d find on the streets of Delhi”.