AN ICONIC route synonymous with Tam O’Shanter has been revived.

The restored Blue Bonnet Trail was funded by South Ayrshire Council and Paths for All, with support from NatureScot, for the South Ayrshire Paths Initiative to let visitors retrace the footsteps of Burns’s character and his trusty steed Meg.

Pensioner volunteer group ‘Opportunities in Retirement’ identified the need to restore the route created by them years ago.

The route was revived and extended by South Ayrshire Council and South Ayrshire Paths Initiative (SAPI) in 2020 and named ‘The Blue Bonnet trail’ after Tam’s famous headwear. Officially completed in July 2021, the three miles long trail features two self-guided historical routes, Tam’s Trail and Alloway Trail, with 23 Blue Bonnet signs to guide the way.

Colin Clark, SAPI representative, said: “The restoration was funded by an application by SAPI with field work completed by South Ayrshire Council’s resource and thanks to Opportunities in Retirement we are now all able to enjoy it.”