AN AYR mum is hoping her charity can play a vital role in supporting any Afghan refugees who come to South Ayrshire.

Karen Watson and the team at Baby2Teen are looking to collect items of clothing and accessories for youngsters coming over from the war-torn country.

As yet, there are no clear plans put in place as to how many people of families will be finding refuge in South Ayrshire.

But Karen has her mind set on ensuring she is on hand to help whenever the time arrives.

She told the Advertiser: “We’re a children’s charity anyway and we look after a lot of kids and support them across Ayrshire. What some of the kids are having to go through in Afghanistan is horrifying and anything we can do to help, we’re determined to make sure we do so.

“No plans have been finalised about how many families or individuals will be in Ayrshire, that’s why we’re not started taking in any donations yet, because we don’t want to have hundreds of things being donated to us when we might only be helping a handful of people.

“The support we’ve had since making it known that we want to help has been incredible.

“We want to see how many people we need to help before taking anything in. We’re so grateful for all the support we get.”