Petcayr in Ayr has been forced to close its doors for a short period due to staff testing positive for coronavirus.

The shop has been struggling over the past couple of days with staffing issues due to the virus and today announced that they will close until 10am on Monday, September 12.

A statement on their Facebook page read: "Steve has now tested positive. There’s nothing more that we can do to remain open.

"I am so sorry about this folks, I’ve had a feeling hanging over me for weeks that we couldn’t continue to deal with the public on a daily basis and escape.

"I would reiterate that you don’t want to get this - please, please look after yourselves.

"For everyone who has shown such kind concern - Mr and Mrs H have both tested negative which is a massive weight off my shoulders at this rather stressful time.

"See you Monday. Own label bags can still go out on direct box orders - message if you need this service".

Sister shop Rawcayr is also closed until further notice.