A Troon sawmill boss is warning about the extreme demands for material and how it has soared over the past year.

Glennon Timber has experienced a larger than usual demand for materials over the past year as they stayed open to support the shipment of foods and medicines in any way they could.

But now they are working towards a net zero target, and they are hoping they can use their experience from the last year to do so.

However, the demand has made the idea of achieving their targets that bit more difficult.

Scott Shiells from Glennon Timber, says one of the challenges faces by the industry is trying to attract a more diverse workforce.

Speaking during a visit from Ayrshire MSPs Siobhian Brown and Willie Coffey, he said: “Timber processing is a highly sustainable industry, by choosing to incorporate timber into construction projects, businesses and self-builders are contributing to the preservation of the world’s forests

and help combat climate change.

“One characteristic of trees is that they absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during their growth, by turning carbon into wood and emitting oxygen.

“This carbon is effectively ‘locked up’ within the wood itself until it is naturally released or combusted.

“One of the challenges faced however, is the ability to attract and recruit a

more diverse work force. Historically the industry has been male oriented and perceived as being quite traditional.

“Hopefully, by demonstrating the positive impact forestry and timber processing has on dealing with climate change and our push towards net zero, the messaging and values of the sector will begin to resonate and bring more women into construction.”

Ayr MSP Siobhian Brown added: “I would personally like to thank all of the staff who continued to work during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.”