People from as far away the United States have called on planners to say no to a holiday home plan at Croy Beach near Culzean Castle.

The proposed development seeks to create nine modular holiday lodges  on farmland.

In a statement, developers said that owner of Castlehill Farm had chosen to set up the holiday homes due to the farmland becoming ‘financially unviable’.

Around 20 objections have so far been made.

The developer statement explained why the landowner is seeking planning permission.

“The family has actively farmed Castlehill for several generations,” they said.

“The constant evolution in farming with increasing levels of mechanisation and intensity means that the demands on a modern farm require a level of diversification to support and underpin the existing farming operations.

“It is for this reason that the Applicant is looking to undertake rural diversification of a small pocket of agricultural farmland that is becoming financially unviable due to the demands of modern agricultural practices.”

Of the 20 objections, only six are from people in South Ayrshire. Others came from further afield.

Robert Nargassans, from Massachusetts in the United States, commented: “My family and I visit this beautiful part of Scotland every year and bring some of family school children to enjoy the historic history of Scottish Culzean Castle and it’s cultural assests.

“This dramatic historic setting must be protected from commercial enterprises that would have a negative impact on the landscape.”
Sarah Barrie, of Motherwell stated that approving the plan would be ‘a disaster.

She said: “The last thing this piece of land needs is holiday homes or caravans. The whole reason Cory beach is so special is due to the unspoiled landscape and the opportunity for wilding and the wildlife that live in these areas

Fielding Hope, of London, wrote: “I write in firm opposition of this needless, greed-driven proposal.

“Croy Bay is on a green belt and and a site of natural beauty, with one of the most unspoiled stretches beach on the west coast.

“It also neighbours one of the most coveted grounds for wildlife and natural beauty, the National Trust for Scotland’s Culzean Castle.

Marion Taylor, from Ayr objected to pollution, danger to wildlife, loss of privacy,  proximity to Culzean Castle and access issues.

Kilmarnock woman, Emmeline Cimbala said: “This is the most natural untouched part of the shore line and doing this will make the area look like
Craig Tara.”

Leanore Kapoor, from Sunningdale in England said: “I fervently object to this planning application. I have spent a lot of time with my family and friends at this beach and place of natural beauty.

“To think that this beach could be spoiled by mobile homes would be catastrophic.

“The ruggedness and wildlife that we have encountered here would be destroyed for greed and tourism purposes which will be to the detriment of the local community and peace and solitude it brings to many of us people as well as the wildlife.”

No decision has been taken on the planning application.