Prestfest made its long-awaited return over the weekend with three days of jam-packed fun and entertainment.

Punters from across South Ayrshire and beyond descended on Prestwick to soak in the fabulous singers, tribute acts and performance from Friday evening, right through until Sunday night.

The festival was halted last year because of the pandemic, so organisers were even more keen to ensure this year’s went ahead, and did so with some style.

Event organiser Scott Russell said: “I’m so pleased with how the weekend went. Everyone who went seemed to have a good time and that’s what the main idea was.

“It was great for all the venues and even all the wee shops close by who were getting punters in to have a look around, and the restaurants were all booked out so it was the whole of the Prestwick that benefitted from it.”

Scott’s hopes before the weekend were that everyone would stay safe, have a good time and no trouble was caused - which are all things that happened.

He continued: “I spoke to the police after the weekend and they were extremely pleased with the behaviour of the vast majority of people.

“I wanted to remind people that the virus was still around as well and I was keen to make sure people still followed the rules that were in place.

“I want to thank all the venues and just all of the people of Prestwick who were so helpful in asking if anything needed done or if there was anything they could do to assist. There was a real community spirit about the place again and it’s definitely needed.”

Looking ahead, organisers are looking at how they can expand the event in a safe manner, to encourage even more people to come to South Ayrshire.

Scott said: “There were people who didn’t get to see the bands they wanted because the venues were full.

“If there’s a way that we could have an outdoor area in the future so that more people can hear more music then that would be great and would maybe even attract even bigger acts to come along, which is something we’re always aiming to do.

“We’ll keep having discussions with the council to see what would be possible”.

One man who attended the event on Saturday said: “It was brilliant to be back out at something like this and just being able to enjoy it with your pals.

“It’s been a tough year for everyone and seeing things like Prestfest return is just that step in the right direction that I think we all needed.”

Another woman added: “There seemed to be no bother or trouble at all, it was a great weekend.”