A bid to erect illuminated advertising immediately opposite homes has been refused.

A planning application was submitted to replace four ordinary hoardings on Maybole Road in Ayr with two on the same size which would be lit up at night and would feature regularly changing adverts.

However, the proximity of the nearby houses was enough for planners to refuse the application.

A planning report stated: “With regard to amenity, it is considered that the proposed sign will have an adverse effect on the amenity of the nearby residential properties, particularly during the hours of darkness.”

The report refers to a similar situation at Whitletts Road where an LED sign was refused, both on application and a subsequent appeal.

It continues: “The closest residential property at Shawfield Avenue is located 20 metres from the application site.

“It is concluded that even subject to the proposed conditions, the advertisement would adversely impact on the amenity of residents living on Maybole Road and Shawfield Avenue.

“The design, graphics, extent of colour and the content of individual images that could influence its impact would not be in the control of the council.

“Illuminated advertisements of this size and nature, even with a less frequently changing display, will be highly visible from these residential properties.

“This would be particularly exacerbated in darker winter mornings and evenings.

“Multi-coloured designs and the luminance of the individual images could be a continual source of visual disturbance, causing an increasingly detrimental impact on amenity as daylight diminishes.”