A SCOUT from the 14th Ayrshire Group has put in the hard work to attain all 33 activity badges before he moves on to Cubs.

Izaak Strong, eight, put in the hard work after hearing he only had six badges to go before he moved on, due to the efforts he put in over the summer.

He was delighted to take on extra badge work during lockdown, which also allowed him time to spend playing with his brothers.

Izaak is incredibly proud of his efforts. and said: “I am so happy that I managed my mission to get all 33 activity badges and I am going to miss Fiona and Adam lots but I know I will have lots of fun at Cubs too. Beavers is the best group ever as it is just so much fun and I learn so many new things.

“The badge where I learnt the most was my sailing badge. I had never been sailing before so I was a bit nervous but the instructors at Prestwick Sailing club explained everything to us.

“When we were out, it was so much fun, and I quickly learnt how to steer the boat. I think the most important things I learnt were to never sail out too far and if you fall in do not panic”.

Proud mum Michelle added: “I am bursting with pride for Izaak. He

set himself a goal and he never gave up. Izaak’s leaders have given him so much support and guidance. They are fantastic role models.”