Far-right extremist group Britain First has launched a 'battle bus' tour of Scotland that has provoked a furious reaction in Ayrshire as they visited Troon this week. 

The group, formed in Northern Ireland, drove armed ex-military vehicles blazoned with printed banners with one eye-witness stating they were “the kind of armoured cars that the British Army used in the Troubles in Ulster.”

An eye-witness, who did not want to be named for their own safety, told the Advertiser: "I did see them personally, for myself. I was attracted to the music blaring from the car at the rear of the parade.

"I opened my window to see what was going on as it was very loud, they were playing military brass band music, not something you hear in the streets of a wee West coast tourist town. 

"They drove around Troon before circling and then headed out the North Shore towards Barassie.

"My guess is they are working their way on the west coast into Glasgow. That is just a guess though."

South Ayrshire Council were approached regarding the procession and asked if it was formally approved by the authority, however, they confirmed that due to the vehicle-bound nature of the parade, they did not need to seek permission for the tour.

Labour's Carol Mochan, MSP for South Scotland has hit out at the parade, branding Britain First as a 'fascist party' that the people of Ayrshire with 'reject'. She told the Advertiser: "Britain First is a fascist party who are only coming here to stir up trouble. This is solely about creating controversy to draw attention to their defeated cause.

"There are memorials across our towns and villages to the many people who bravely gave their lives to prevent fascism from taking over Europe and these thugs stand in opposition to that. They are not welcome in the peaceful communities we have built working together with people of all faiths and beliefs.

"I am sure Ayrshire will reject their nonsense resoundingly and send them on their way as so many other communities across the UK already have."

In Britain First's press release issued before the tour began in Dumfries, they stated: “Britain First has embarked on an extended tour of campaigning in Scotland, starting in the town of Dumfries.

“After campaigning in Dumfries, attracting much support, the convoy of Battle Buses headed to the coastal towns of Ayr and Troon.

“The mere sight of the Britain First campaigning vehicles triggered multiple leftists on Twitter, some even tagging the police in Scotland, erroneously expecting them to arrest our team.

“This is the first time that Britain First has campaigned across Scotland in many years. The tour will continue hitting town after town until all of central Scotland has been visited.

“A meeting will also be held to help launch a formal branch of our movement in Scotland.”